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Beauty Wand

Beauty Wand

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What is it: The B3 Beauty Wand's combination of technologies enables you to clean, massage, and rejuvenate your skin: everything you need for your daily routine with just one tool!

Why you need it: Galvanic ionization is a safe and gentle electric current that can activate your skin's own ions to help remove an excess buildup of dirt and impurities which linger in the pores after cleansing.

The micro-vibration stimulation promotes improved elasticity, enhances cellular metabolism, and enables better absorption of products.

The warm massage function can increase blood flow, improving circulation, which can result in plumper and healthier-looking skin. It also allows you to treat your skin to Red Light and Blue Light therapies that have been clinically proven to improve overall appearance and texture as well as reduce inflammation and bring balance to the skin’s oil production. 

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