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Endura Skin Singles - 4oz

Endura Skin Singles - 4oz

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The Endura SKT makeup is an excellent choice for applications that require extreme durability in extreme conditions such as humidity, rain and under water photo shoots. It is an ideal makeup for film, fashion shows, prosthetics, theater, weddings and live broadcasting where performance makeup is imperative. Endura SKT provides exceptional coverage, wear ability and water resistance when used on human skin yet it also holds extremely well when used on foam and silicon prosthetics. Endura SKT can be easily removed with EBA’s alcohol based VAPORE or with the alcohol free UNVEIL makeup moisturizing remover.

C 5 represents medium dark red

N 1 represents the lightest neutral

W 2 represents the second lightest yellow/olive

W 3 represents medium light yellow/olive

W 5 represents medium yellow/olive


• Waterproof tattoo cover up
• Skin concealing
• Beauty makeup/foundation
• Film, theater and prosthetics makeup
• Runway and bridal makeup
• Live broadcasting
• Underwater commercials
• Stage and performance makeup

• Water, sweat, and transfer proof
• Realistic natural finish
• Micronized HD pigments
• Dries instantly
• Applicable with airbrush, brush or sponge
• Low psi airbrush application reducing vapors and waste
• Easily Removable with  VAPORE or UNVEIL
• Matching SKT SKIN Cover Up Airbrush ENDURA and ENCORE Palette Colors Available
• Made in the USA by EBA
• Exclusive formulation
• FDA approved ingredients

For more realistic and translucent effects the Endura SKIN alcohol based colors can be cut down with the Transluz makeup thinner without sacrificing the quality and consistency of the paint. Endura SKIN can be easily removed with EBA’s VAPORE or UNVEIL makeup remover.


Endura SKIN alcohol based makeup is made in the USA at EBA’s own facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements and EBA’s proprietary formulas. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.

The product is available through EBA retailers, participating schools and trade shows.

Endura is gluten, paraben, mica, and silicon free.

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