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Ben Nye

Effects Gel Wound Kit

Effects Gel Wound Kit

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The Effects Gel Wound Kit gives you three versatile tools for creating realistic wounds and effects. 

Blood Effects Gel is a special effects grade gelatin with deep red pigmentation that allows artists to create 3D blood effects that solidify and hold their shape.

Scar Effects Gel comes in an opaque flesh tone that allows artists to create raised 3-D scar, cuts, and character details on the surface of the skin.

Flesh Effects Gel will help you create 3-D effects on the surface of the skin. 

Gel can be formed directly on the skin, or on a metal palette prior to application. The unique nature of special effects grade gelatin materials makes these Effects Gels best utilized by special effects, film & television, editorial, and trauma simulation makeup artists.

Expect 3-50 applications per ounce.

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