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Lip Balm

Lip Balm

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What it is: A hyper-hydrating lip balm packed with healing ingredients.

Matte: Hydrates, heals, and softens lips. Our matte lip balm doesn't "matt-ify" your lips, it enhances your skin’s natural look. Versatile and effective not only on your lips, but as a cuticle balm, a hand balm, and a moisturizer for dry skin. A favorite among professional make-up artists!

Sheen:  Hydrates, heals and softens lips for a subtle sheen or a light gloss effect. You can also use it on cuticles, eyelashes, or for eyelid sheen. 

Peppermint: Hydrates, stimulates, heals and softens lips. A natural, healing herb, peppermint stimulates circulation and promotes healthy moisture. Use this balm on lips, cracked skin, and alongside facial oils, moisturizers and eye creams.

Lavender + Geranium:  Hydrates, heals and softens lips. This balm combines lavender and geranium for a soothing sensation and a soft fresh scent that helps to relieve one more daily stress. Combine with facial oils, moisturizers and eye creams to promote healthy smooth and healthy lips with a light shine that lasts. 

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