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Brush Cleaner Jar

Brush Cleaner Jar

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The Parian Spirit brush cleaning jar is essential for easy cleaning of brushes. When brushes are gently rubbed over the plastic mesh inside, pigment falls from the bristles and sinks below to the mesh line, allowing for multiple uses of the cleaner. Simply replace the lid to prevent evaporation.

The lid of the jar can also be used to clean large powder brushes. Pour a small amount of Parian Spirit into the lid and gently twirl the tip of the brush in the liquid. The natural capillary action of the bristles will soak up the product and release makeup from brush hair. Wipe with a paper towel to remove pigment and excess cleaner.

The Brush Cleaning Jar does not come with Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties designed to gently clean, condition and disinfect fine brush hair. This cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products including powder, liquids, wax-based products and adhesives. It conditions brushes as it cleans and is quick-drying. The orange scent comes from the natural orange oils used in the formula. It is non-toxic.

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