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R.O.N Kit

R.O.N Kit

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Inspired by the old PAN AM amenities kits given to overnight travelers who didn’t expect to be spending the night en route. Pre-bagged and Carry-On Approved, these packs will make your travels better, whether around the block or around the world.

Travel Well. Travel Far. Travel Often.


 Jao Refresher 2oz mist spray bottle
 LipJao 5g nourishing lip butter stick
 Goē Oil 6.5g jar of concentrated moisturizer
 Surprise sample

Jao Refresher - Keep this close during flu and any season. An aromatherapy boost, facial astringent, hand softener, zit zapper and gym germ stomper. Your Portable Sink™.

LipJao - Apply often to soften with our nourishing infusion lip balm for your lucky lips. 36% is our 4-butter blend of Shea, Avocado, Mango and Pumpkin.

Goē Oil - The only solid body oil direct from the Garden of Eden. Use sparingly, a little "Goēs" a long way.

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