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Rebels and Outlaws

Rebels and Outlaws

Rebels and Outlaws

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Rebels and Outlaws namesake candles is a celebration of those who live by punk ethos. The Game Changers. The Rule Breakers. The Do-It-Yourselfers. The Non-Conformists. Make your mark and change the game. Set the intention and summon the magic. 

Pink is Punk. Pink candles are used to bolster self love. They are used in spells, ceremonies, rituals and meditations associated with strength, power, love and the Divine Feminine. 

This rose candle has the scent of ardent desire. The flowery accents are slowly wrapped in leather and rooted in dark woods and whiskey. Notes of rose, orange blossom, and jasmine are mixed with smoke, cedar, and birch tar to create a scent both beautiful and empowering.

Our first candle is a modern take on the traditional rose scents of Santa Maria Novella and is reminiscent of James' grandmother's rosary.

This candle is prepared with rose oil to reduce fear and summon power, sage for wisdom, whiskey to celebrate transformation and balanced with frankincense to purify. It is finished with Amethyst for purification, cleansing and healing, Sodalite for strength and to eradicate confusion, and Blue Agate for calm and courage to speak your truth. A sprinkling of rose petals honors the inspiration and insight of the Rebellious Woman.

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