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Tattoo Cover Makeup Wheels

Tattoo Cover Makeup Wheels

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These two tattoo cover makeup wheels include the most often used shades for covering tattoos, as well as neutralizing and concealing major skin imperfections. Available in both a fair and a deep skin tone wheel, these shades are formulated with Graftobian's theatrical creme base. This base contains a high pigment percentage than even our highly pigmented Glamour Crèmes. Therefore, these makeup wheels make ideal tattoo covers, as well as neutralizers for difficult skin discolorations.

How to use:

Refer to the color wheel when doing corrective work. Colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum, such as red and green or blue and orange, when combined in the right proportions, will effectively cancel each other out and make a color close to a skin shade. This makes the discoloration much easier to cover with a light layer of foundation.


To cover a tattoo, follow these seven simple steps (pictures above)

1) Determine the value of the skin tone; how light or dark is the skin surrounding the tattoo?
2) Mix two or more colors from the wheel to make a "tattoo skin blanket." For example, in the image, Suzanne Patterson mixed Orange Neutral and Red Neutralizer to make a peach undertoned shade.
3) With a 3/8 inch angled brush, like Graftobian's #78078 paint the upper half of the tattoo with the peach color. Using the very tip of the brush, feather out the edges and blend into the skin. Set with Graftobian's translucent powder.
4) Paint the bottom half of the tattoo and powder over again with setting powder. Top with Graftobian's setting spray to lock in the powder.
5) To add back realistic skin tones, use at least three colors that are present in the natural surrounding skin. These three shades will be a base skin tone. Two others can be stippled onto the makeup to make it more realistic. Suzanne mixed up a skin tone base by using both wheels in the shades Extra Highlight, Soft Orange Neutral, and a small amount of Yellow Highlight. Stipple the color over the entire skin blanket and top with setting spray.
6) Mix up a second skin tone. Suzanne used Red Neutralizer, Soft Orange Neutral, and a little bit of Yellow Highlight. Stipple the color over the the skin tone base layer. Powder down and top with setting spray.
7) Add a bit of texture back to the surrounding skin area. Suzanne used a spatula to mix Deep Red Neutralizer with a small amount of Yellow Highlight on a mixing palette. With the angled brush and a small amount of the mixture, dip it into alcohol or astringent and mix it until there is a light wash of color. Using the tip of the brush, stipple some skin freckling in just a few areas to recreate the realistic skin effect. Powder and spray once more.

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

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