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Rituel De Fille

The Ethereal Veil Conceal and Cover

The Ethereal Veil Conceal and Cover

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The Ethereal Veil Conceal and Cover: Drawing from the connection between earth, sky, and the depths beyond, we have looked to celestial bodies to guide us to skin. The Ethereal Veil Conceal and Cover is a remarkable formula created from a boldly minimal list of natural ingredients.

Finish: Softly diffused, natural silk

Texture: Rich crème

Aroma: Opulent, herbaceous frankincense with the honeyed warmth of natural beeswax

Net Wt. 0.19 oz / 5.4g

Nix: Lightest ivory with neutral undertones.

Galatea: Light warm with yellow undertones.

Ceres: Light with neutral undertones.

Metis: Light to medium with sandy undertones.

Sycorax: Medium with yellow undertones.

Io: Medium with peach undertones.

Naiad: Medium with sandy undertones.

Eris: Medium to deep with golden undertones.

Ananke: Medium to deep with honey undertones.

Dione: Deep with golden undertones.

Cyllene: Deep with warm golden undertones.

Arche: Deepest with blue undertones.

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