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Ben Nye

Ultimate FX Palette

Ultimate FX Palette

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Have all the convenience of Ben Nye's F/X colors in one universal palette! The MediaPRO Ultimate F/X Palette comes with 18 intense shades and allows you to detail your characters without switching out your makeup. Achieve realistic visual effects including black eyes, bruises, abrasions and more!

These creme pigments are rich in color and light in texture. Ben Nye's MediaPRO Palettes are brand new! Containing 50% more product and a deeper pan grid, it keeps colors where they belong in your palette and cuts down on cross contamination. Blending is convenient with the built in mixing palette, built straight into the case.

Palette Includes
FX-1 White
FX-12 Chrome Yellow
FX-121 Goldenrod
FX-11 Sallow Green
CL-10 Dark Sunburn
FX-13 Capillary Stipple
FX-31 Fire Red
FX-34 Fresh Cut
FX-2 Bruise
FX-32 Dried Blood
FX-5 Dark Burgundy
FX-35 Dark Crimson
FX-91 Vein
FX-10 Sapphire Blue
FX-6 Purple
FX-72 Black & Blue
FX-9 Grey Purple
FX-8 Black

Dimensions: 9" x 4.7" x 0.6"

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