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Violete ÉTENDU - Viseart Eyeshadow

Violete ÉTENDU - Viseart Eyeshadow

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Our new Étendu palette range is developed to extend and revisit revered favourites from our iconic collection.  We have expanded upon beloved, classic palettes from our archives to provide more tonal colour, more depth, more duochromatic and metallic finishes, more intensity, and more elegance for everyday humans and professional artists alike.  

  • Cult favourite hues from Liaison honor our purple eyeshadow lovers’ requests!
  • The Violette extension was created as an elevated, pro-luxe, everyday ‘stealth chic’ option for effortless daytime to essential twilight looks!
  • Per artist requests, pans are now magnetized and easily depot-able.  Mix & match with any Étendu or Petits Fours packaging!
  • Étendu packaging replaces our plastic clamshell packaging and reduces our carbon footprint by using recycled paper. 

Étendu packaging sits prettily between the clutch-sized Petit Pro & Edit palettes (1 gram) and our SlimPro 12 pan professional palettes (2 grams). The Étendu range holds 1.5 gram magnetized pans and is interchangeable with our Petits Fours Collection for on the go frolicking! Each Étendu colour story features a curated collection of twelve shades, our newest creations, and tones pulled from the Viseart archive library, skillfully culminated to create a divine collection of everyday-essential colours with pops of beloved hues from our heritage-rich staple eyeshadows!  We will be offering our iconic, Grande Pro-sized palettes in December; they will feature fully customizable, empty magnetic palettes that accommodate all of the Viseart pan sizes!

A seductive secret lies within tantalizing pops of duochromatic dreams and cool-toned nude hues!  Introducing Violette - an intoxicating extension of our cherished Liaison palette! Our captivating Violette palette transcends reality with sumptuously saturated shadows and pigments (see Shade Descriptors & Ingredients for use guidance) ranging from exquisitely pale gossamer lilacs to the provocative splendour of bold aubergines. Violette is tonally surrounded by an array of spellbinding cool and earthy plums, neutrals and the softest pinks. This palette is an idyllic match for your effortless  ‘elevated everyday’ makeup routine with daringly risqué shades to express your colorful and artistic whims! Come flirt with us… flaunt your coquettish charm!

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